Stress Tester: lo strumento di test delle prestazioni

stress testStress Tester di Reflective Solutions:

Caratteristiche chiave che lo rendono lo strumento preferito dagli esperti di test delle prestazioni.

Veloce e semplice da imparare e da usare
• Online Learning Centre – learn at your own pace, set up tests within a couple of hours
• In-tool videos
• Wizards with drop down menus
• Easy to perform complex functions
• Test facility – ensure every configuration you set up is right first time
• No scripting required, no expertise required
• Innovative and intuitive GUI
• Reduced complexity of configuring realistic performance tests
• Less time needed for setup
• Any IT literate person can configure and execute tests in days or hours
• Graphs to visualize test run configurations
• Clearer request representation

Monitoraggio delle risorse delle applicazioni
• Monitor all server and infrastructure resources during the performance test
• Application performance and system monitoring data automatically correlated
• Automatic problem diagnosis – simple pinpointing, and resolution, of issues
• When a problem is identified, “struggling” resources are pinpointed

Risultati accurati, affidabili e realistici
• Performs and scales in line with realistic peak traffic loads
• On-demand cloud testing
• Simulate load from as many locations as required, with varying load profiles
• Testing of multiple hardware configurations
• No load limits (subject to licenses)
• Simulate all the real world behaviour required
• Correct simulation of browsers
• Simulate how all main browsers behave, and add your own
• Split the percentage of users running transactions across browsers
• Handles dynamic pages

Supporto maggiore
• Reactive and helpful
• Issue resolution targets of just one hour
• Issue resolution by StressTester™ performance testing experts

Report, grafici e outputs
• Fully customizable analysis engine – customize everything
• Choose the graphs you want, the information you want, chart types, data tables, colors etc
• Easily share outputs with colleagues
• Create your own graphs – apply to past, present and future results
• View results in real time or after test completion
• View application responses from user perspective
• Compare 2 or more different test and/or location results on one graph
• Output results in Word, PDF or HTML


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